Mold gradually destroys everything it grows on, and if left unchecked, mold can cause serious structural damage and grave health consequences. Thus, it’s extremely important to contact an experienced mold remediation company for mold inspection and mitigation. SuCasa Home Inspections fills that role perfectly as our experience, training, and state-of-the-art mold removal equipment allows us to complete remediation of black mold and other types of mold contamination. We can take care of all related processes including mold testing, mold removal, mold cleanup, and restoration services so that you can forget about your mold problem once and for good

What Causes Mold Growth.

 Mold spores exist almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Still, mold becomes a problem only when it starts to grow into colonies that destroy the property and produce harmful toxins dangerous for human health. The key factor making mold grow is water or moisture. Other factors contributing to the mold growth are “a food” to grow on (wood, drywall or cotton), lack of light and good ventilation, warmth. This is why the common places to look for mold in your home might be dark corners, walls behind the furniture, bathrooms, walls behind and floor under and the kitchen sink or the refrigerator. Saunas and greenhouses have favorable conditions for mold growth too.



Excessive humidity 

leaking pipes 

roof leaks 

condensation on windows

Poor ventilation in rooms 

Where moist air is common such as a bathroom or a kitchen damp basements lack of proper water and flooding damage mitigation for more than 24 hours after a disaster seepage through cellar floors and foundation walls Thus, any mold remediation starts with the identification of the source of water and assessment of a humidity level. If mold is cleaned up, but water damage that caused it has not been addressed, the mold problem will return very quickly

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